Waking up in the country


How beautiful it is to wake up in the morning with the sound of birds singing. I didn’t want to leave my bed. I woke up early and I heard various sounds, chirping here and chirping there.


I knew there was a food plentiful table downstairs…if only I had strength to leave the bed and join the others downstairs. Food is usually a reason enough to leave the bed. But this morning, with the birds chirping, I wanted to stay in the bed. It’s a perfect weather for staying in – everything is still wet from the night before, as it was pouring with rain the whole day through.

I jumped out of the bed …’No fooling around anymore’, I said to myself. I can hear the birds chirping outside the warm sheets as well. I went downstairs and joined the others, made a coffee and turned on the laptop – I got so used to the sound produced by typing that I miss it when I don’t hear it first thing in the morning. Even when there isn’t much to write about…I only put down random thoughts.

So, now that I’m out of bed, fed and caffeinated, I guess I can put on my wellies and go exploring. And get closer to those chirping birds!






Women’s Day – just love it

Yesterday it was an International Women’s Day. I love that day. It bears a special meaning for me since I was a child. Part of this appreciation and thrill that arise in me on this day lie in the fact that I am a woman (what a revelation!?) :), and another part might be because I grew up in a country where this day meant much more than St Valentines – women were given flowers, not just by their husband or boyfriend, but by their male colleagues/comrades, they would be taken to lunch, given gifts… Don’t know how much they were truly appreciated by the male side back in 1980s but I do remember that this day always had a special meaning.


I can almost remember where I was on the Women’s Day in the past couple of years – there was a dinner one year, and a concert a year after, a classroom followed…

And this year I made no special plans. The night before I was with two of my friends in a pub. What was supposed to be a short encounter, ended up being a real catching up night…an  celebration of the Women’s Day in advanced!

What I have been really doing on this day, was taking myself out to the city centre on the sunny morning. I bought myself a coffee, made no arrangements, and phoned a very dear person. The sun was shining, sea gulls where dipping their feet in the sea while resting from their tiresome flight, children were running along the lungomare. I was sipping coffee, staring somewhere in a distance towards the islands and a bright blues sea, and talking on the phone. It was a beautiful day. I had a bunch of white carnations lying by my side. I grasped the moment and enjoyed it.

No dinner, no concerts, no classroom full of kids…but I had a good company nonetheless.