Waking up in the country


How beautiful it is to wake up in the morning with the sound of birds singing. I didn’t want to leave my bed. I woke up early and I heard various sounds, chirping here and chirping there.


I knew there was a food plentiful table downstairs…if only I had strength to leave the bed and join the others downstairs. Food is usually a reason enough to leave the bed. But this morning, with the birds chirping, I wanted to stay in the bed. It’s a perfect weather for staying in – everything is still wet from the night before, as it was pouring with rain the whole day through.

I jumped out of the bed …’No fooling around anymore’, I said to myself. I can hear the birds chirping outside the warm sheets as well. I went downstairs and joined the others, made a coffee and turned on the laptop – I got so used to the sound produced by typing that I miss it when I don’t hear it first thing in the morning. Even when there isn’t much to write about…I only put down random thoughts.

So, now that I’m out of bed, fed and caffeinated, I guess I can put on my wellies and go exploring. And get closer to those chirping birds!






Morning makes the day, and coffee orchestrates the morning

Do you believe that the morning makes the day?


When I sleep longer and I let myself be dragged away and seduced by the softness of the pillow, and I postpone the waking-up time, I get a bit crabby and lazy. I walk down the flat as slow as a snail, slowly pulling one leg after another, until I reach the first morning coffee.


But I love mornings – just on some mornings I prefer to prolong my bed-time.

This is the usual morning story though – I love to wake up and jump out of the bed as soon as I open my eyes and notice the daylight that sneaked into my room many hours before.

I jump out of bed, do morning stretching, pour cold water over my face and take a sip of warm water to wake me up, and I head towards the kitchen – it’s a habit and a routine that I have been performing spotlessly for the last year or so. Nothing can get in my way! 🙂

I proceed to the kitchen, have apple and cereals for breakfast while water for coffee is boiling in the coffee pot.

I always take turkish. Before I was craving for instant coffee (less time to prepare), but now (as I have time) I take my time and enjoy the process of preparing the Turkish coffee.

And that smell…oh my God! I just love mornings and mornings definitely make my day, and why wouldn’t they? 🙂

I orchestrate my mornings to the tune of coffee.  ~Terri Guillemets