Women’s Day – just love it

Yesterday it was an International Women’s Day. I love that day. It bears a special meaning for me since I was a child. Part of this appreciation and thrill that arise in me on this day lie in the fact that I am a woman (what a revelation!?) :), and another part might be because I grew up in a country where this day meant much more than St Valentines – women were given flowers, not just by their husband or boyfriend, but by their male colleagues/comrades, they would be taken to lunch, given gifts… Don’t know how much they were truly appreciated by the male side back in 1980s but I do remember that this day always had a special meaning.


I can almost remember where I was on the Women’s Day in the past couple of years – there was a dinner one year, and a concert a year after, a classroom followed…

And this year I made no special plans. The night before I was with two of my friends in a pub. What was supposed to be a short encounter, ended up being a real catching up night…an  celebration of the Women’s Day in advanced!

What I have been really doing on this day, was taking myself out to the city centre on the sunny morning. I bought myself a coffee, made no arrangements, and phoned a very dear person. The sun was shining, sea gulls where dipping their feet in the sea while resting from their tiresome flight, children were running along the lungomare. I was sipping coffee, staring somewhere in a distance towards the islands and a bright blues sea, and talking on the phone. It was a beautiful day. I had a bunch of white carnations lying by my side. I grasped the moment and enjoyed it.

No dinner, no concerts, no classroom full of kids…but I had a good company nonetheless.


2 thoughts on “Women’s Day – just love it

    • It is! not that this is the only day when we should celebrate our womanhood. we should do this as often as possible, but it’s just so great to have an official day & to see all those fabulous women around you…and say to yourself ‘I’m so happy to be a woman!’ 🙂

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