Waking up in the country


How beautiful it is to wake up in the morning with the sound of birds singing. I didn’t want to leave my bed. I woke up early and I heard various sounds, chirping here and chirping there.


I knew there was a food plentiful table downstairs…if only I had strength to leave the bed and join the others downstairs. Food is usually a reason enough to leave the bed. But this morning, with the birds chirping, I wanted to stay in the bed. It’s a perfect weather for staying in – everything is still wet from the night before, as it was pouring with rain the whole day through.

I jumped out of the bed …’No fooling around anymore’, I said to myself. I can hear the birds chirping outside the warm sheets as well. I went downstairs and joined the others, made a coffee and turned on the laptop – I got so used to the sound produced by typing that I miss it when I don’t hear it first thing in the morning. Even when there isn’t much to write about…I only put down random thoughts.

So, now that I’m out of bed, fed and caffeinated, I guess I can put on my wellies and go exploring. And get closer to those chirping birds!







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