laughing the weekend away

it was holiday time in Croatia past couple of days. we love to merge more days together, just to make holidays longer, of course. and i love this, of course. at the moment, i don’t care that much whether the holidays last three or four days, whether day take weekend days or they working days..

these last couple of days were great…apart from the partially closed eye, but that was okay too.

i spent time with really good why did i enjoy this time that much?

it reminded about the small things i loooooove to do…!

how to enjoy a coffee to go!..go and sit on the wall by the seaside, put my feet in the sea and enjoy latte in a company of a good friend. you don’t have to worry whether you put you feet up on the chair or you are sitting like a lady, you can stand up and sit down, and stretch without looking weird. coffee to go rules!

. why to talk about your dreams out loud!…good friends will always take you seriously and discuss your ideas with you no matter how absurd they are….might tell you later that it’s an absurd dream but at least you will have a good laugh and a good talk filled with imagination and creativity.

how to enjoy park and outdoor activities more …i don’t use parks that much, though i love them. one of my friends is crazy about frisbees…so he thought me all the rules of the game while demonstrating me some tricks of  a perfect throw (had no idea it has rules?!)

how a night over beer can be the best party ever, when in a good company! (and might end up with partially closed fighting included..;)

how happy i am to have good friends around!

it was a really good weekend, and the eye was partially closed because i laughed too much apparently. i laughed and shed tears (of joy) at the same time…the morning after i woke up with a closed eye! 🙂

it never happened to me before!


To keep our faces toward …

To keep our faces toward change, and behave like free spirits, is strength undefeatable.

Helen Keller

I love quotes. I found this adorable booklet while waiting on Tirana airport. It’s a collection of Helen Exley giftbooks…’Be what you believe in’. Love her booklets and I couldn’t resist this one. 🙂