To keep our faces toward …

To keep our faces toward change, and behave like free spirits, is strength undefeatable.

Helen Keller

I love quotes. I found this adorable booklet while waiting on Tirana airport. It’s a collection of Helen Exley giftbooks…’Be what you believe in’. Love her booklets and I couldn’t resist this one. 🙂

Albania – country worth a visit!

Happiness of being in Albania.

So, I did something that really shook me up and down and returned thrill and happiness back to my body (not that I wasn’t happy before, just that I was even happier after Albania experience;)

So, as I am still struggling with job thing I decided  to give it a rest a bit and just dedicate my time and my thoughts to thinking (or not thinking at all:) about something else. …and it turned out to be a good decision.

I started planning my trip to Albania and was pretty enthusiastic at the beginning, and assured!, that I would go there only and only by the means of road transport…airplane excluded.

But my initial plan was soon rejected…by me. As it turned out, from Split (Croatia) there was no way I could reach Tirana in a days time. Sounds strange!??..since I need only to enter Montenegro from Croatia, and then from Montenegro to Albania. My plan seemed perfect but laws of physics and bad infrastructure between two countries (Montenegro and Albania) made me drop my initial idea and instead go all the way to Slovenia where I caught a plane that flew directly to Tirana. Once in Albania, I found out that there are buses and mini vans that run from Podgorica (Montenegro) to Albania, but it’s just that information can’t be found on internet. Good to know, just in case I decide to return! (which I most probably will:)

Albania is not the country with perfect roads. There roads are run by the law of creative mess. Everybody is his/her own boss while steering through the streets of Vlora or Tirana. It is the country that has a lot to offer to a tourist who is not looking for a classical or stereotypical beauty. It has great food. They are very proud of byurek and their most famous cognac Skanderbeg. If you just let yourself go and walk randomly through Albanian streets you will definitely discover so many charming local shops, pastries, start a conversation with a stranger who will even walk with you for 5min just to show you where is that road that you were asking about…….great country…so here are some pics, mainly taken in Vlora:)

home made byurek..pic with a byurek chef:)
hospitable and generous people, and very very generous portions…;)
great company to make my  already good impression even better

taking a stroll down Adriatic sea, but about to reach Ionian. amazing!, how do you know where one sea ends and other one begins? 🙂

back to Tirana, where it all started from. Waiting for a flight to Ljubljana, from Ljubljana catching a train to Zagreb…spending a night in Zagreb and catching the bus to Split….

but it was worth all the travel and would definitely do it again.