the Cranberries!!

Just to share this revelation and my happiness upon discovering this..the Cranberries have reunited and are back to touring again. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but everybody will surely find at least one song that they like.

I’ve first started listening to the Cranberries when I was 16 and I remember the exact moment that I first got hold of their album ‘No need to argue’. I was inside one of many 2nd hand music shops in Colchester (UK) with other kids that were attending English school for foreigners that summer.

One of the boys from the group said that he likes the Cranberries and it was his favourite band. I was just getting into music that summer and was discovering many new groups. I think it was that year (2000) when I became really interested into music. I bought the CD and it was one of the first CDs in my not really big CD collection back then. I still have it & it is definitely one of the most valued and important CDs I have. It even holds the booklet with all of the lyrics (that makes it even more pricey).

One of the songs from ‘No need to argue album’..:)