Shaking the routines up and down

The other day I read one thought, saying that every day in life you should do something that makes you scared. I think that I’m still pretty unaware of myself and don’t enjoy some actions and daily events as I should, could and would like to. I believe that this happens to many. We have errands to do, tasks to finish, jobs not to be late to, promises made that need to be fulfilled; that we often forget that all these things are life, and we forget to enjoy all of them more. Not just rush to complete the task and get it over with, but to actually enjoy whatever we are doing. To be aware of ourselves and of the present moment.

I started enjoying everyday events more, definitely more than I did 5 years ago. Now I’m aware of the uniqueness and beauty of some moments. I appreciate more great people who I get to meet. I’m happy when I put myself 100 % into something that I’m doing. I love when I love what I’m doing at the moment. I love when I love my job and when it’s not just a nuisance that I have to do in order to get my paycheck.

I ran into this saying just the other day as I drove Vespa for the first time.

IMG_20140424_180440 I met with a friend who’s got this great, old school Vespa, produced in 1980s. After a short introduction to things you should know before driving Vespa, she asked if I want to try driving it myself.

I was on cloud nine!

I said ‘yes’ without giving it a second thought. I never before drove a motor. I sat on Vespa, slowly released the clutch and added gas, and it was on its way.

I was thinking to myself ‘Why did I wait for such a long time?’:) It felt so good!

Something that I should have done long time ago. But anyhow, happy that I finally found the time, and a great friend most of all who had time and offered kindly her Vespa to me!

I love a routine and I’m becoming its bigger fan as I turn older, but I love to shake the daily routines upside down from time to time. I used to make big changes before – when I would grow tired of my life, I would change it completely, without giving it a second thought – move cities, change jobs. And these sudden changes can sometimes be stressful as well. I would need to organize my life all over again in a new city. I would have to search for job when I would return home again, that wasn’t an easy job in a country with a huge unemployment rate.

Now, I know better what kind of person I want to be, what kind of life I want to lead and what kind of people make me happy, and I’m pursuing this path. And before I get tired of the routines in my life, I shake them up a little bit, change their order, do something different, travel somewhere, meet friends with different backgrounds try an exotic dish…and I return to my routines with a happy face, and with a new outlook on my life.

Small wisdoms – no chocolate for you!

What a day here in Split!

I’ve been starting my mornings pretty early lately. Best ideas always come early in the mornings. There was one brill idea that one bin man decided to share with me on this lovely Friday.

As I was returning home from a hairdresser and enjoying my new hair look, and feeling all fresh and satisfied, I decided to grab that piece of chocolate that I had in my bag. It was actually a bigger chocolate, not just a piece. The bin man was minding his own business and I was minding my own, when suddenly he told me:

Girls are not supposed to eat chocolate. Girls should be eating bananas.’

And I said: ‘Right‘.

And he added once more with an obvious exclamation mark at the end: ‘Girls eat bananas, not chocolate.’ He seemed so happy and proud of himself for sharing this lesson with me.

I have no idea what experience this guy had in life, that included bananas, chocolate and women, but he was very serious and kind of nice when he shared this life wisdom with me.

We all have these small wisdoms that we have learnt by living the life. I’ve heard so many of them before, like: Don’t walk under the road sign. Don’t go out with your hair wet.  Spit 3 times if a black cat crosses the street in front of you. Don’t leave your bag on the floor – You won’t have any money!

But, I’m wondering now, what answer would he give me if I only asked him ‘Why are girls supposed to eat bananas?’.




A kinky one?