Close to the nature – Uzes

Uzes-adventure is soon about to finish. There were days were I wanted to sleep a bit longer, days when I didn’t want to weed, days when my legs ached and it was boiling hot outside (like today) and I just wanted the comfort of the everyday life, but the ability to live this close to the nature and really feel it, be surrounded with horses, be woken up in the morning by birds and occasional rooster, have dog guarding my tent during the night and wiggling his tail first thing in the morning when he sees me, stepping barefoot on the grass as I leave the tent, noticing the Sun and the skies, having the Moon to light the way to the tent, and so many other beautiful things…make me soon forget about the aching feet, about mud traces below my nails, about nail polish on my toe nails that doesn’t look all that perfect anymore… I am grateful to have this chance to reconnect with nature in this way and to have this life experience.

There were moments when I would just stop and enjoy the moment. It is an amazing thing to be aware of the beauty and magic of the present moment. I think that we are rarely aware of the moment and its beauty. Only later, after the moment had already passed do we say ‘Oh, I was so happy then.’

I was aware, and I am aware and I forgot almost completely about my aching feet and the grumpiness that almost got hold of me. Instead, I took a look around, went for a walk and enjoyed this beautiful, heavenly environment, and put my aching feet on hold until some later hour when there are is no more Sun in the sky, my dear companion Loulou is asleep, last sip of camomile is drank and I say goodnight to this beautiful surrounding, grass, trees, the moon, and horses nearby.

And good night to you. And only then I can let my aching feet relax, only then when I know that I have made the most of this day.

2014-07-08 19.51.56