Cycling in Lika

Do you know what is the birth place of Nikola Tesla?

It’s the place called Lika, a place  situated in the land-locked part of Croatia.

Last week I headed there, for another cycling-gourmant weekend, and it was a great weekend.

Nature there is just amazing now. Last time I went to visit there was nothing but a snowy cover all around.

Now, 3 months later, I could marvel the nature, diversity of flora, amazing colours of the sky, long days and short nights. The landscape is just amazing.


As we drove by, all we could see where perfectly arranged gardens, herds of cows and sheep in a distance, lines of pine trees…

It was another cheese-beer-bike tour… These two things, cheese and beer, make bike tour enjoyable. I need to have a reward at the end of such an exhausting activity, otherwise I doubt that I would set on such a trip, to be exact – 40 km long bike trip. I’m not much of a cyclist, I love to ride my bike but mainly on a short distances.

But if there is a reward afterwards, I’m definitely a good company for serious cycling. 🙂


Snow and snowy pleasures – Lika

I’m not really much of a fan of snow, but even I was left speechless when I saw this much snow (pictures below). I was in the part of Croatia called Lika…It was around 10 degrees in the air in Split, Mediterranean part of Split and the start point of my journey. I sat on a night train that was leaving Split around  21 h and it was supposed to reach Zagreb around 07.20 the next morning. Now every law of physics, logical, common, rational thinking would say that this train is a rather slow one. Croatia is a really small country, with not such a bad infrastructure, but the train connection between Split and Zagreb, (reference to night trains) is really interesting. I’m not calling it a bad train connection, because it can be really enjoyable…you meet people, you get to sleep and get a whole couchette for yourself. Yap, it definitely has good sides! The thing that I didn’t understand and that has caused a lots of controversy and provoked an avalanche of laughter (only after I left the ticket office at the train station) was the fact that the lady who was selling the tickets actually tried to convince me that this TRAIN is the FAST train, and that this train connection is a REALTIVELY FAST one! I didn’t get angry, nor did I try to prove her wrong by saying that it takes around 10 hours from Split to Zagreb (it usually takes 5 hours…or less), because she actually believed what she was saying, so I just left the office with the ticket in my hand, and I burst into laughter. (I wonder if she has ever taken this train?)

The funny thing was that due to the bad weather conditions and lots of snow on the way, the train was running late, so instead of scheduled 10 hours, it took 12 hours.

But I enjoyed it. When I wasn’t sleeping, I was observing the snowflakes coming heavily down. The only thing that lacks in this train, is a would be great to wake up around 5 a.m., sip a morning coffee and enjoy the landscape!

Here are some pics of Lika! Snow, coffee,  IMG_9714fire…who wouldn’t love snow when you’re inside the warm house with a cuppa in the hand! I’m its biggest fan! 🙂