pics from Metz

Some pics taken in Metz..Graoully to start with, Cathedral, market, people….for more detailed description of the city and its atmosphere go back to the previous post..:) I especially enjoyed the canals, bridges that link two parts of the city, old and even older one!:) (that’s the impression I got, while wondering through Metz)..lovely balconies, old wooden doors, flea markets, cheap stuff, soulful kitchens (movie related, if you haven’t seen Soul kitchen movie, you definitely should), people playing latin music full blast while singing and fooling around, eating..enjoying life at its  fullest!

Metz – mirabella products, Graoully story…

Almost’s cold summer morning in Lux. I don’t know what is the exact temperature (and I’m lazy to check it on the net) but it’s somewhere around 15 degrees. At least it’s not that windy, which makes the day even colder.
The canteen in SCH building opens at 9.30.. and I’m gonna go downstairs for my coffee injection. I had an instant coffee this morning, but after an exciting, thrilling and packed with events weekend, I need more time to get adjusted and prepared for Monday morning (especially since I have forgotten my glasses so it’s gonna be a real challenge to star at the screen all day).
I went to Metz (France) on Saturday with other trainees. So far I’ve been in four countries..although I haven’t gone there for touristic purpose only, I still did pass the border and had to have my passport with me, so yap!, I can say that I have been to four different countries. So, to start from the top -first on list is Luxembourg, then it was IKEA visit to Belgium (and I’ve tried famous IKEA’s ice cream), Germany holds the third place with a visit to Trier and the last place is held by Metz in France.
It’s such a picturesque town, lots of churches from different ages, yellow stone facades, parks, river that flows through the city centre(Moussel), lots of stalls with jewellery…market place that is must-visit when you are in the city. It combines bought the food and beverage  and small, intimate restaurants where you can try all of the dishes of the region. The region is called Lorraine and it is famous for Mirabelle plums – it is a mixture of plum and cherry. I tried Mirabelle pie and Lorraine quiche. It was a tough decision with so many different and succulent products popping out from every corner: fish, cheese, wine, fruits, bread, pastry, oohlalalaa.
One day is not enough to try all of the Metz – products!!
At the end of August there is a food and beverage festival, dedicated mainly to Mirabelle brandy. I love grappa, rakija or brandy as they tend to call it in western countries and would definitely love to go back to Metz at the time of the festival!!
There is also an interesting story about how the Metz population got converted to Christianity. I love these folk tales. (there is also on about Lux city, but I’ll tell you that one some other time). Anyways, long time ago Metz had enormous number of snakes that invaded the amphitheatre and among them lived the dragon by the name Graoully. The snakes breath poisoned the area so much that the inhabitants of the town were trapped in the town. Clement of Metz promised to inhabitants that he would scare the snakes a nd the dragon away if the agree to convert to Christianity. Since they agreed to do so he went into the amphitheatre and quickly made the sign of the cross and the snakes got tamed by this. Afterwards, he led the dragon to the Seille river and ordered him never to come back.
So now, Graoully dragon is the symbol of Metz and you can even find it in the cathedral where there is a special room dedicated solely to this legend. I didn’t go to visit it though because the charge the entrance. But, I did take the picture of Graoully..(I’ll attach it in the next post).
Metz is a rather small city, with only 120.000 but it’s so lively, so diverse…so many caffes scattered around the streets, stalls covered with different products, pastry shops that invite you to try out different brioche every time you pass by one…they all give the city  charming and  lively atmosphere.
I would definitely go back there..maybe for the Mirabella brandy festival!:)