What to do when the electricity goes off?

What to do when the electricity goes off? Have you thought about how used we are to the electricity and how it influences our life?

My morning usually starts with a cup of coffee and writing/reading posts, reading newspaper articles or simply just throwing myself directly to work. (That doesn’t happen that often). I love mornings and usually I get up really early, but give my body and my mind all the time in the world to wake up, and embrace the new day.

The other day electricity went off in the whole area, and I noticed soon that it’s not just electricity that went off, but my morning habit ‘went off’ as well! 😉

I couldn’t make coffee. I couldn’t start work, as I need laptop and battery was low. So, I put on some clothes and I went on a mission to find a bar with electricity, i.e. coffee. It was around 9 a.m. All the bars were empty, but luckily I noticed one bar was packed, and that meant ‘Coffee is Available Here!’ I started walking towards the bar, almost hypnotised. I stepped inside and noticed that there was no free table. All the people working in the area were here. They were probably taking an early break and waiting for the electricity to return. I took coffee to go and headed towards the apartment. It was raining the night before and there was a huge storm, hence, the shortage of electricity.

I opened my diary and started writing. I loved that my routine was shaken up a bit. I got to smell the fresh air after the rain, discover the bar that serves coffee even when the whole neighbourhood is out of electricity, and I got a lovely paper cup in different colours that really shook the greyness of that day upside down.

Anyhow, it was a lovely morning.



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