Ode to autumn

So, as already mentioned in my earlier posts  … I’ve started spending more time in the nature lately and less in the crowded smoky areas. I’ve started observing the life, everyday life mostly with its miniature elements, from a different angle.

I’ve always had an eye for small things, but I feel I’ve started noticing them even more lately, probably due to the lack of hangovers during the weekends. My mind is clearer. 🙂

I took a walk around the block the other day. We live very near to the lake and the forest. We are lucky to be surrounded by a beautiful nature and amazing, rich market that’s just a few metres away from where we live.

This is my little ode to the autumn expressed in pictures. Hope you’ll like it! I love to look at the tree tops when I walk, but when the earth below me is covered with leaves that rustle under my feet, and when I have Converse on, I just enjoy pointing my eyes down, towards the ground.

Slika 002

Slika 006

Pigeon gathering

Slika 007

Slika 011

Slika 009

Slika 015

With kids at school, swings are empty

Slika 017

Walking towards the lake


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