Carpooling to Midi – Pyrenees

My friend made me an offer I couldn’t reject. She asked me if I would like to join her and her colleagues on the trip to Pyrenees. It was 30 degrees in the air near Avignon and few days later, after one carpooling I was in Toulouse where I joined my friend and we headed towards the French Pyrenees.


I don’t see snow very often, and I’ve never seen snow during the summer months. I’m typical Croatian coming from the seaside, not very proud of that, but it’s true – the only and ultimate fun during summer is going to the beach and swimming, drinking coffee and going to the islands, and drinking more coffee or beer or wine… but all the summer fun is centered around the sea. This July was somewhat different, L and me where 2080 metres up high, somewhere in the Pyrenees. We got lost. It was a foggy day. We left the group and decided to proceed on our own towards the shelter, where we were supposed to spend the night. The shelter, as one of her colleagues kindly informed us just before we left the group was at the altitude od 1800 metres and it was only 10 minutes away from the place where we were at that moment. We continued walking for another forty-five minutes without reaching the shelter. This caused some concern and we started questioning whether we took the wrong path. We were at the altitude of 2080 metres when first worries started to appear and it was obvious that we were on the wrong path.

Luckily, we had plenty more hours of daylight ahead of us and there was no cause for concern. We decided to follow the same path down, which turned out to be the right decision. Apparently, we passed the shelter on our way up to 2080 metres, but we didn’t see it because fog was so thick. Luckily, on the way back, fog cleared away and the little mountain house stood on the peak of one of the many hills, overlooking the lake.



This trip was simply amazing. Thanks Lysa for these breath-taking pics and for introducing me to a different way of spending summer holidays. I love to be by the sea, but mountains can be great fun as well, especially when you get to see snow in the mid-July.







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