Solo travelling in Toulouse, France

After two weeks of travelling together… which is a pretty cool thing as you have someone dear close to you to share things with, it was time for solo travelling. That someone special could be a friend, a boyfriend, ‘accidental friend’ – a stranger you meet while travelling and connect on the same intellectual, emotional, etc. level instantly… I’m not picky, as long as it’s someone that I feel comfortable on the road with. In this case, it was a boyfriend, and we had a great time in the first two weeks!

After these two weeks passed, it was time to rely solely on my organizational, orientation… and other travel-required skills. I realized that I have really let myself go with and was very relaxed, i.e. my grey matter wasn’t that engaged into thinking process – I would wander through the city and would not think too much if I were taking the wrong street, didn’t rely that much on the kindness of the strangers when searching for a certain street, bus station, restaurant, whatever. When travelling in two, you don’t have to think that much – you can either put the whole organizational load on that other someone or you just split it into two… so I do my homework and you do your homework kind of way.

I like travelling alone. It keeps me very much alive – I have to think, I have to try to take the right street, I have to know how to return home when I’m new in town, I have to stop strangers every now and then and ask them for directions and make do with little words that I know of that other language (I mostly use hands and just do a lot of waving – mostly, it helps). I’m never completely alone when I travel alone, because I always get to meet great, fun and interesting people, and some of these ‘accidental friends turn into real-life friends, but I have to do the organizational, financial, etc. bit myself. I still have only myself to rely on.

So after first two weeks of joint adventure, I went on to travel by myself. First I stayed for a little more in Uzes, and after that it was time to head to Toulouse. Wow! – that was a great bit of the travel because I got to meet with a friend that I haven’t seen in 14 years!!!

We had so much catching up to do, and it was great to see that she turned into such a marvellous person. Toulouse time went by quickly… lots of dancing, delicious food (duck especially!), wanderings around the city, and stumbling upon Yves Rocher shop – oooh, I loved this part. Got myself a really nice body oil.

Here are some pics from beautiful Toulouse…





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