Driving towards Pont du Gard

We drove from Uzes to Avignon. In Avignon we got lost. We walked around the city for 2 hours almost, discovering places where tourists don’t end up going, just because there’s nothing to see there. Suburbs like in every other city.

Avignon was beautiful and we were lucky enough to get to experience it during the famous Avignon theatre festival.

It was time for some form of refreshment after the game of discovering the city. We headed towards the car, drove out of the city and wrote Pont du Gard in GPS. Another adventure to come!

I was looking forward to every new destination like a child. I placed my bare feet up high, leaned back, turned on the music and let the driver drive, and think out the route and check if the GPS was cheating or was leading us in the right direction.

Shortly after leaving Avignon we saw a Pont du Gard sign straight ahead. As we didn’t do much search prior to this road trip, we had no idea that entrance fee was so pricy. It was only when we arrived to automatic ticket office by car, and there was no way back that we noticed the price part. Ticket for two of us plus the car was 18 E. Well, there was no way to reverse the car and we didn’t want to do that either.We had our swimming suits, and we wanted to take a dip in a river – there was no doubt there!

We made an early start that morning. and we were exhausted, and a delicious and generous portion of  meat tartar had its part in our evergrowing desire for siesta that we desperately needed.

Pont du Gard is impressive and massive, but what I really wanted to do was just to make a jump into Rhone. Wanted to wash my hair, face, feet, and just stay like that in the river. And that’s what I did! I enjoyed the impressive view on Pont du Gard, down from the beach.

What a trip! What a day!

2014-07-05 17.26.39


2014-07-05 18.16.20


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