Avignon, France – city of food and omnipresent performers

Before going to France some people advised us not to rent a car because public transport is really good and French have TGV – truly amazing trains;  while others said that car is a must while exploring the south of France. Luckily, we listened to the latter and decided to rent  a car.

We had our two days off, and wanted to make the most of it. Our first destination was Avignon. That was our car pick-up point and also the first city on our places to explore-list!

We had some difficulties finding the car company and we tried to ask the passersby, but this turned out to be a bad idea, as everybody was pointing in a different direction! One lady even started chatting with us about who knows what, as we didn’t understand much and where eager to find the rent-a-car company.

About hour and a half later, a sweet stranger offered to give us a lift directly to our car company. (I think we looked desperate! ;))He even helped us look for the company,in what seemed to us then a rent-a-car company jungle. Thanks to the kindness of a complete stranger we found our rent-a-car company in time!


Old city of Avignon is enveloped by ramparts and at this time of year a theatre festival takes place, so the streets of Avignon look like a theatre on go. Yu can see performers everywhere. People walk around wearing their costumes. Ads announcing theatre shows literally took over the city. Every piece of the wall is covered in colourful ads.

City is packed with tourists and locals, AND lovely restaurants. After the tiring search for rent-a-car company, we were both a bit grumpy and the best cure of grumpiness is  food. After a short walk down the city centre, our stomachs and our noses desperately wanted and demanded to make our first gourmand stop on this amazing two-day-trip. We chose a restaurant in one of many Avignon’s cobbles, narrow streets. It wasn’t a local restaurant but food was great all the same. I was so hungry that I ordered a huge portion of meat tartar! But my co-foodie made a better choice. He ate smoked meat. Delicious! Having filled our stomachs, we were ready for a dip in a river, so we headed towards the car and drove off towards Pont du Gard…

Car turned out to be a very good choice indeed. If we didn’t rent one we would have missed the opportunity to try sausages made of bull, to drink beer in the company of a beautiful white Camargue horse, to see pink flamingos, swim under Pont du Gard, and so many other things.

Here are some pics from amazing Avignon afternoon!

2014-07-05 13.39.01


2014-07-05 13.39.05


2014-07-05 15.25.20


famous Avignon bridge




AVIGNON street art

2014-07-05 14.42.21

2014-07-05 14.42.34




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