Horses from a fairytale – Camargue

Every morning I wake up around 6 a.m. We are on our first WorkAway and travelling as workawayers, and good organization is very important if you want to make use of the day. But I love mornings, so waking up early is not a problem, unless I had one beer too much the night before! 😉

We are sleeping in a tent. It’s a huge tent. Not the one we are used to when we go camping. This one is like a small house – only a house made of cloth and wires. There was a terrible lightning last night. That’s one thing that I don’t like about camping. Other than that, I’m fine with sleeping in a tent.

First thing I see when I wake up in the morning, other than this gorgeous three-legged dog Loulou (it’s a he, but owner calls him Loulou) …

20140706_075604are these beautiful white horses. In this part of France, and especially in Camargue region, there is a huge number of white horses. I step out of tent. Stretch my body, turn to my left and see a herd of 4-5 hours staring back at me. They are a stunning sight. You can see that they are still sleepy and that they are looking straight to me. I am to them a ghost, somebody they don’t notice in their life habitat, and intruder on their land that will soon leave and let them be; and they seem like beautiful horses from fairytale while they stare somewhere in distance.

20140706_065005I love mornings, but this sight makes me love them even more! 🙂




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