Hitchihking and discovering oasis, Langoudoc-Roussillion

We are currently placed in Uzes, a beautiful town in Langoudec Roussillion region, in the south of France.

Yesterday we woke up, did bit of work and decided to use the afternoon to see a bit of the region. Uzes is beautiful, but the best time to visit it is when the market takes place. Afternoons are hot and are a perfect time for siesta or to head towards one of the nearby places for a swim.

So we found a good place to hitchhike. I placed my thumb up high, and a few minutes later we were sharing a car with one lady and her dog. She dropped us very near pond of St Niccolas, a place where we were hoping to find a water to swim in.



Just a few minutes later, another car stopped. It was a guy this time, and he spoke excellent English, and he almost got us believing that he was British and not French. He drove us a few miles further and instructed us on how to reach Gardon, a place for swimming. We walked, and passed the bridge, and saw that there was no water at all passing below the bridge…


The picture was both jaw-dropping and scary. This place should be full of water, but instead it’s dry as a desert.

We continued anyways and found a little path that we believed would take us closer to the water spring. We walked and walked, what seemed like eternity. I gave up my hopes and thought that we were going to turn back and hitchike our way back to Uzes, but luckily!, I was wrong. We did come across a small watery paradise. I was so happy to see this big, green pond. It seemed like the most beautiful spring to me yesterday.

IMG_1512I am a bit spoiled and used to the sea, and although this place looked tempting after walking in the scorching heat, I resisted the temptation anyways and walked into the pond up to my thighs and hid myself  from the sun, in the shadow nearby. It was a real oasis on that sunny day.

We headed back towards the road. It was time to hitchhike again. This time hitchhiking didn’t got that smoothly. I pulled my thumb up, hoping somebody would have mercy on us and stop the car. The place where we hitchhiked wasn’t very good, so we decided to walk for a bit and try again. Again, cars were passing one after another what seemed a never-ending process. I just wanted to hide from the sun. I could feel my head burning.

And finally, a car that was approaching us started slowing down, and he turned left, heading towards us. We were so happy.

I asked in my bad French ‘Direction, Uzes?’, and when he replied ‘Oui!, Oui!’, two of us jumped with joy. We climbed into the car and even managed to kick off a conversation with the driver. He spoke French and we spoke something that was a combination of French, Italian and English. Anyhow, I think we understood eachother. And he really made our day!

And food that followed later, made our day even more! We started first with a delicious French glace and finished off with a plate of cheese, home-made pate, anchovies, and so on the list goes. La vie est belle! 🙂






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