Small wisdoms – no chocolate for you!

What a day here in Split!

I’ve been starting my mornings pretty early lately. Best ideas always come early in the mornings. There was one brill idea that one bin man decided to share with me on this lovely Friday.

As I was returning home from a hairdresser and enjoying my new hair look, and feeling all fresh and satisfied, I decided to grab that piece of chocolate that I had in my bag. It was actually a bigger chocolate, not just a piece. The bin man was minding his own business and I was minding my own, when suddenly he told me:

Girls are not supposed to eat chocolate. Girls should be eating bananas.’

And I said: ‘Right‘.

And he added once more with an obvious exclamation mark at the end: ‘Girls eat bananas, not chocolate.’ He seemed so happy and proud of himself for sharing this lesson with me.

I have no idea what experience this guy had in life, that included bananas, chocolate and women, but he was very serious and kind of nice when he shared this life wisdom with me.

We all have these small wisdoms that we have learnt by living the life. I’ve heard so many of them before, like: Don’t walk under the road sign. Don’t go out with your hair wet.  Spit 3 times if a black cat crosses the street in front of you. Don’t leave your bag on the floor – You won’t have any money!

But, I’m wondering now, what answer would he give me if I only asked him ‘Why are girls supposed to eat bananas?’.




A kinky one?


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