Pair of earrings made my day

It’s a sunny day here in Split. It feels like there was no winter at all, like spring just continued from where the spring left off. Amazing!

I got myself these pair of earrings today. Amazing how just a tiny detail can change the way one looks or feels. I saw these earrings in the window of one arty, hand-made sort of shop, got in, bought them and left them on my ears, right after trying them on. I walked out of the shop with a huge smile on my face. Yep, it’s shopping & shopping always (well, most of the time anyways) makes us  feel better, especially female sex, but these pair of earrings totally increased my today’s level of happiness & they reminded me of something that I love to do very much – travel by boat, even if it just means hopping from one island onto another. I miss travelling and moving.

Just to go, move, travel for travel’s sake. (Robert Louis Stevenson) 🙂



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