Coffee & the mornings – amazing mornings!

I’ve been a lazy blogger. They say that a writer should write every day, even if he/she feels to be short of inspiration. So, I’ve got an excuse for that – I write every day, but I write for myself, privately, I write in Croatian. But sometimes I really have to give myself a push to remember to write a post here on Cartoline. I’m always happy of course when I do that. It feels so easy to write after an exciting travel, after visiting another country. There is always something that will inspire you about the travel – either it’s a new place, or interesting people, amazing daily habits, life routines, stories, whatever. Travel rules! I never feel that much alive as when I travel, and nothing makes me face my life more honestly and sincerely than when I’m on the road alone. Every tiny detail reveals, pops to the surface. You’re stuck with your head, ideas, thoughts, worries, etc. Oh, travels.

But, what to write about when there are no travels on the horizon? That is the question 🙂

I notice daily simple pleasure with ease. I love them. I’m their huge fan. The older I get, the more I turn into a habit lover. I worship it and admire it. Of course, as long as it’s the habit that I really enjoy.


Lately I’ve started running and doing pilates, and this morning before going to a pilates class, I went for a first macchiato in a bar near where I live. I set outside on the terrace. There was only one other person with whom I shared the terrace of the bar. And that person’s dog. So 3 of us actually. All other customers squeezed into the warm inside of the bar, sitting on a comfy couches.

I enjoyed sitting outside. I wanted to observe the city in the morning. Streets are still wet from the rain that was falling throughout the night. There are sweet smells in the air and the first buds are appearing on the trees. Spring is coming. People were hurrying into different directions. Trying not to be late for their jobs. It was great, and I felt privileged that I didn’t have to hurry anywhere. I was there, slowly sipping my coffee and saluting the morning. Morning after all is a crucial part of the day.

So, now I’m wondering…why not to write more often about everyday things? They make me happy after all. Can’t wait for the travels to feel like writing. Although I would so gladly travel somewhere now. And I know that I would like to travel by train…hopefully soon, but that’s a topic for another post. Maybe Trans-Siberian railway sometime (soon) in the future..:)

A  nice day to you all!


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