Sweet taste of Sarajevo

I’ve been to a city where smell of coffee lingers on every corner, where owners of the bars welcome you to their bar as if they would welcome their dear friend, where you don’t have to leave your table to draw bartenders attention – you just have to stand up and they will already signal to you with their hands that you need to sit down and that they will come to you in a minute. They welcome you with a loud greeting and as you leave they invite you to come and visit again.

Everything works perfectly. Guests exchange swfitly. Tables are cleaned, new orders are made, and every guest is given care and attention. I was stunned!


Sarajevo, here I come

We decided to spend New Year’s Eve in Sarajevo. It’s a 10-hour ride by train from Zagreb. We could have taken the bus and spare ourselves some time, but travelling by train is my favourite thing, and always passes so quickly – even a 10-hour travel. Travellers were coming and leaving the train couchette, each of them offering their advice as to what to eat and where to eat in Sarajevo. I love when people talk passionately about food! 🙂 At one point, I couldn’t memorize all of those exotic names, and I pulled out my notebook and pen and started writing them down.

…’Try ćevapčići at Zeljo. But make sure to got to Zeljo 1, not Zeljo 2.’ ‘Remember to eat ćevapčići only in ćevapbdzinica.’.’If you want to try local cousine, got to aščinica ASDŽ.’ …and so advising went on and on and on. And most of the conversation was based on food. By the time we reached Sarajevo, we were so hungry, and so ready to start exploring tastes of Sarajevo.

That train travel was a perfect opening to the trip and it was a process of initiation, something to get us prepared on where to go, what to eat…without our dear Bosnian co-travellers we would probably run from one place to another, aimlessly and naively, allow ourselves to be seduced by the various sweet, tempting smells that fulfill streets of Sarajevo. Thanks to the stories shared in the train, we knew in which aščinica, buregdžinica, ćevabdžinica to go.

You know how they say that something has a soul…you can’t explain why you like something, well, I can say why I love Sarajevo, but I can also describe this city as one with an intangible beauty, and very soulful, one that has that something – I guess you can only feel it when you meet Sarajlije (people from Sarajevo). Words don’t work here. 🙂






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