Follow your inner compass

Do you know exactly what your next step will be? Where will your life take you? Is it all written in the stars?

I’ve heard a great tale the other day. It is told that on our birth day, three old ladies are summon. They are spirits and invisible to humans. They gather around the cot and bring gifts to the newborn.

The first granny brings fortune and health, second brings beauty and wisdom and the third one…third one brings a thread. The thread shows how long newborn’s life is going to be. They say that on the day of birth, the table should be rich in food, in order to bribe the grannies and make them more generous and giving.

The other day, I heard another tale. It’s more a real opinion formed by a real person.  He says that there’s no point in finding the meaning in life and chasing one’s goals. What he advises instead is just to enjoy life as it comes and take the opportunities as they come. You never know where that job, or that person that you met, or an adventure that you were part of etc. will take you.

It would be great to just let go, and follow the inner compass. For me that works the best…but I believe that bribing three grannies can’t do any damage either.




One thought on “Follow your inner compass

  1. Haha, yeah bribing those grannies won’t do no harm! I also believe that we don’t know what purpose little incidents have in our lives. And I enjoy connecting the dots in retrospect 🙂

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