Rain, finally! – autumn pleasures

2013-11-02 16.11.36

It’s such a beautiful morning, despite the rain that keeps pouring down heavily. What am I complaining about – it was me to write in the last post that I can’t wait for the warm weather to collect its belongings – sun, high temperatures, smell of sun lotion, sight of people sunbathing…- and just say farewell for now, i.e. until we see each other again.

This morning I was woken up by rain drops banging on the window pane. What a delight it was to not have to rush out of the bed. I took my time instead and hugged the pillow. Simple thought on breakfast got me started and I jumped hastily out of bed. ‘Mmmm, coffee, and cereals and apple’ – can’t wait. It always gets me going. Those are three magic words, a spell that always works no matter how tired I feel, or how nice it feels to stay under a warm blanket.

Coffee – nothing makes morning so desirable and perfect as the smell of coffee. But there was something else that I pulled out of my fridge, a sweet and creamy delight –  my first ever carrot cake. Somebody would call it a healthy version of the cake. Don’t know about that, there’s plenty of cheese spread all around it, all over the place.

But who cares, it really fits perfectly with this rainy morning and with the sound of new Jack Johnson album playing on my stereo, I wish this morning would go on forever.IMG_1280


2 thoughts on “Rain, finally! – autumn pleasures

  1. 🙂 carrot cake was great. I think I ‘ll switch to making carrot cakes for a while instead of cheese cakes. xoxo my dear Layal

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