Here’s to Autumn!

In my last post I was desperately yearning for  autumn to arrive finally. My wish has come true. I ended my swimming season on 31 October, which is pretty late for this time of the year. A day later I headed towards the continental part of Croatia where summer was long gone and autumn has made its comeback.

2013-11-02 16.10.08


Zagreb is really amazing during autumn. As much as I am fond of the sea, I think that autumn at the seaside can never be quite magnificent as it is in the landlocked cities.

So, I greeted autumn in my own way – by tree-hugging. I just love to do this. I can almost feel the warmth of the tree as I lean towards it and embrace it with my arms. I swear, I could stay like this from morning until the sun goes down. You can find me in the woods, hugging the tree trunk. 🙂

We were just walking aimlessly around the city. The ground was covered in leaves, and I would jump in the huge bundle just to hear that  sound of dry leaves breaking beneath my feet. Amazing sound, isn’t it?

We made a few stops, one of them being a pastry shop where I found this amazing drawing:

2013-11-03 13.43.40

If you find yourself in Zagreb, definitely go to ‘Cookie factory’. You will find there most amazing cakes, if you are in for creamy cakes and chocolate flavours! And the place is designed brilliantly. Its walls are like a comic book that you can read while you indulge yourself  in your chocolate cookie.


But just before going, try a few jumps in the air. You’ll definitely crave for that delicious cookie even more!

2013-11-03 12.58.48


2 thoughts on “Here’s to Autumn!

  1. yeeees! not in the south, but landlocked area got its portion of snowflakes! 🙂 it’s time for mulled wine, cinamon, sweets and grappa!

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