Waiting for the autumn to come

It’ still pretty warm and I’m considering heading to the beach later  in the day.

But I grew tired of summer and high temperatures (I know, I know I’ll regret saying this), and there is something romantic, inspirational in the rain, and autumn weather altogether. Don’t you just love the scattered leaves on the ground and the sound of wind howling?


I want that. I just enjoy sitting in my room then, having a notebook in my hand or a laptop…so that I can press the buttons and type the words, random ideas that are in my head. Meaningless usually, scattered, maybe unorganized,but at the end of the day I enjoy reading them.

So I wish for summer to yield to autumn finally, and allow colder winds to come and bring along yellow, red and brown leaves, so I could play with them, and kick the with my feet as  I walk down the streets.

Hm, maybe sometime in January I’m going to write a post to winter, begging it to go away and let spring in.

Luckily, there are four seasons!

In the mean time, this could be me in an hour or so…



One thought on “Waiting for the autumn to come

  1. Me too, I appreciate and like the leaves falling and the wind and nature preparing for winter. There’s so much to read in between the lines in nature 🙂

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