Morning makes the day, and coffee orchestrates the morning

Do you believe that the morning makes the day?


When I sleep longer and I let myself be dragged away and seduced by the softness of the pillow, and I postpone the waking-up time, I get a bit crabby and lazy. I walk down the flat as slow as a snail, slowly pulling one leg after another, until I reach the first morning coffee.


But I love mornings – just on some mornings I prefer to prolong my bed-time.

This is the usual morning story though – I love to wake up and jump out of the bed as soon as I open my eyes and notice the daylight that sneaked into my room many hours before.

I jump out of bed, do morning stretching, pour cold water over my face and take a sip of warm water to wake me up, and I head towards the kitchen – it’s a habit and a routine that I have been performing spotlessly for the last year or so. Nothing can get in my way! 🙂

I proceed to the kitchen, have apple and cereals for breakfast while water for coffee is boiling in the coffee pot.

I always take turkish. Before I was craving for instant coffee (less time to prepare), but now (as I have time) I take my time and enjoy the process of preparing the Turkish coffee.

And that smell…oh my God! I just love mornings and mornings definitely make my day, and why wouldn’t they? 🙂

I orchestrate my mornings to the tune of coffee.  ~Terri Guillemets


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