The girl on Vespa

When I was 18, I knew exactly what I wanted from life. Maybe because I knew so little about the life, and I only had my dreams to hold on to and to follow them, and no other worries on my shoulders.

After graduation I lost my focus about the things that I would like to achieve. Now that I’m approaching my 30th b-day, I realise that I don’t have so many focuses on my mind. I somehow got adapted to life – which, I must admit, is not really something that I approve of (even though it was me who brought this decision for myself ;)), and I probably lowered my life expectations. Of which I don’t approve at all!

So, I started thinking what is that I would like to achieve before 30th b-day. And two things came suddenly to my mind –

LEARN BASIC FRENCH (already made a first step in following through on this dream), and



I’m already making progress with learning a new lingo. With so many free online courses, that is not a problem at all.

And I have plenty of will and enthusiasm!

But, when it comes to the second plan on the list coming true, it will require more than just willingness and enthusiasm. I would have to be very disciplined and put money aside to pay for the driving lesson.

So, if I want to be a girl on the Vespa who can speak French,  I expect I will have to work hard to achieve this. But it would be a lovely picture, wouldn’t it?stock-illustration-5059523-french-love-vespa


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