Usual contemplations (on how to spend a day)

I spent the last couple of weekends in an unusual way. And I can say that it has been exciting to start some new activity, to try new things, and have different pastime activities. Living by the seaside really somehow blocks my center of creativity when it comes to handling my free time (especially during the summer season).

Well, you see during the summer season all I ever do and all I have ever done has been sipping coffee and taking a dip in the sea, and well, that’s about it. I would always be the one who would point a finger at a random cyclist or jogger who would enter my visual field while enjoying yet another sip of coffee. I was really cruel to those random passers-bye who had decided to spend their holiday in a more active way. From my side of the table (and with a coffee cup firmly grasped between my arms) I could never understand those people who could take up sports during the hottest time in the year (and by that I don’t mean sea activities).  I could not understand how someone could enjoy cycling or jogging when it’s 40 degrees and the air is thick as a fog, when even breathing needs requires an effort.

Well, but then I met one of those enthusiast who cycle (this one doesn’t run luckily – running I still can not understand). What happened is that I went for a ride, I cycled for 40 km one day, with occasional stops, and it felt good. I suddenly became one of those random cyclist that I was pointing my finger at, and I didn’t mind being on the other side – I enjoyed it! 🙂

Last weekend there was another detour in my list of standard activities. I went camping to the island during low tourist season. That is another thing  that I never do. Islands are fun only during the summer – at least, that is what I thought before. Yet again, I was enlightened. Good for me! – because I really enjoyed camping and walking down the beach when it wasn’t crowded.

I guess, I still can’t understand how somebody can go running during the hot day, but hey!, who knows, I never thought that I could understand cyclist either. If, and when another enlightenment strikes me, I’ll make sure to announce it on my blog.

Here are some pics from holidaying during the low season 😉


Zlatni rat beach - Bol

island of Brac


2 thoughts on “Usual contemplations (on how to spend a day)

    • it is! A beautiful season and offers variety of things to do other than swimming and sunbathing! 😉
      Thanks for reading! 🙂

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