What is your most favourite thing to eat?

Lately I’ve been eating a lot of pizza.

When somebody asked me what was the meal that I enjoyed the most, my answer without ponderous thinking was  – PIZZA!

I shouted this word almost like a kid!

It’s the best ever meal to be invented – can’t say cooked, because we don’t cook it, so yep – it’s not the most complicated thing to prepare, and you don’t need to be over attentive when it comes to adding spices. Pizza is really easy; if you use the basic ingredients – tomato sauce and oregano, you just can’t get it wrong!


This is how I answered the question ‘what is my most favourite dish?’. I took only one thing into question – what dish could I eat every day (if necessary) and not grow tired or sick of it. PIZZA was the only dish that came into my mind.

I am a huge foodie, and I enjoy food, really, very much!

I love sea food, I love to cook, I love vegetables. I really, really love to eat!

So, I’m not the foodie who just likes to have a quick bite and fill her stomach with anything, whatever, whichever…as long as it’s munchable.

I love food, but this was an easy question for me. I must admit, I also took into consideration gnocchi (traditional Croatian dish pasticada), sardines, octopus salad, stuffed pepper…oooh, so many tasty bites.

But, pizza is the one for me! 😉

Last week I indulged in pizza more than just a few times, and each time it was as exciting as the last time.

Just can’t grow tired of it!

p.s. If you happen to be in Split and you are looking for a pizza place (or stuffed paprika as well – depending on how hungry you are), head over to ‘pizzeria Bakra’ – my favourite!

2013-08-23 19.00.21


4 thoughts on “What is your most favourite thing to eat?

    • good to hear! some people take it for a simple dish – it is simple but that does not undermine its deliciousness! 😉

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