Lastovo (Croatia) – part 2

I have forgotten what it feels like to have all the time of this world on your hands, or maybe I never really knew what that was like. Maybe I’m too engaged with paying bills, with job hunting, with the process of over-thinking. It’s great to just let yourself go, and take the day as it comes. On the first day of our trip to Lastovo, I was both very excited in a positive way but there was a lot of nervousness lingering deep down in me. I was thinking ‘what should I do?’ , ‘Where should I go?’…I couldn’t relax completely. Then I got a useful piece of advice ‘Don’t be nervous. Just relax.’


Relaxing and letting go and just being yourself is not an easy thing to do. It took me one day to get into this slow-paced rhythm (not that my usual daily rhythm is all the frenetic). On the second day of this re-bonding -with – nature vacation I was almost fully enjoying the beauty of nature. It was an amazing experience to wake up in the morning and to step barefoot outside of the tent, to sip the morning coffee while sitting on the grass, holding firmly the cup of  warm brownish eye-opener drink, and just allowing my body to slowly wake and prepare itself for the day ahead. There were two  main questions that we would ask each other, first one in the morning hours and the second one in afternoon hours – it was the same questions – ‘what will we have for lunch/dinner today?

Nature is an amazing thing. In these 7 days, I felt completely reconnected with myself, my head was clear, my body felt liberated. I was happy, and I was aware of this. I would catch myself thinking ‘this is an amazing moment’, or ‘this is an amazing conversation and it will never happen again’. I was aware of the happiness, and I cherished the moment even more.

I have this branch of olive tree with me as a souvenir and a reminder of that feeling of complete happiness, lightness, fluent and easy movements, lightness of expression and story telling.



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