It’s a big day in Split today. On 7 May, we  celebrate the patron saint of our city, St Duje.






Since I’ve got lots of time on my hands lately :), I headed to the centre this morning  and took some pics. It’s best to wander through the city while the celebration is still at its beginning. Later in the day it just becomes more and more crowded. I took the coffee in one bar from where I  could enjoy all the colours the city had to offer, observe passersby dressed in  their traditional costumes and so on. There were so many stalls scattered along the riverside. It’s a tradition to buy something wooden that day. Older people usually go for big wooden spoons, and kids crave for balloons, lollipops and all sorts of candies. I took a walk along lungomare to see what each stall had to offer, but found myself in the fish market also. Fish market had really lots to offer today. 🙂

This is what caught my camera’s eye:




































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