Blue and Red Lake – beauties of nature

It was just couple of days ago that I opened my swimming season 2012/2013.

Yesterday I found myself by the lake. There are two beautiful and amazing lakes, not that far away from Split, in Imotski area – one is called Blue Lake and the other is called Red Lake. When you are approaching them from afar they look like  two deep holes in the earth, or like two eyes of a colossal giant. Very terrifying.

IMG_0398Blue Lake is called blue simply because of the water that is crystal blue. This one is beautiful. Still terrifying, and I would never take a swim more than couple of meter distance from the shore. The other lake, the Red one was named like this because of the red rocks that surround it. There is a saying that if a man manages to throw the rock in this lake, then he is ready to get hitched. One guy from our merry group managed to do this…so I guess, church bells will be ringing soon! 😉



The Red one is truly breathtaking and a bit terrifying too.



You can’t approach it because there are no steps that lead to that watery hole. You can just admire it from 300 meters distance that  separate passersby from the lake.

It was a pleasurable day. I didn’t take a swim in the Blue lake. But I’ll definitely have to go back there this summer. It would be fun to go for a dip in the sea first, early morning, and then hit the road and two hours later splash in the sweet water of the Blue lake.


2 thoughts on “Blue and Red Lake – beauties of nature

  1. There’s so much to see in Croatia. I’ve only been to Zagreb and Plitvice so far. I really hope to go back and see it all, maybe even move there for a while. Such an amazing country. 🙂

    • it is! 🙂 I’m visiting some parts for the first time and getting to know and appreciate my country more.

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