what comes next?

IMG_0346This day has been amazing so far. Three weeks ago when I found out I was back to job hunting process, I was crazy at the beginning..to say the least. But!, I can say that I’m enjoying this time off now. The weather in Split is brilliant and sunny, amazingly warm and it’s already time to pack away all the winter clothes and take out t-shirts with cool prints, to take out last year’s flip-flops. Still got hawaianas..green ones and I absolutely love them! I love to put them on and be able to shake them off anytime and dip my feet in the sea or walk barefoot!

This morning I took a walk with my friend and her little son. We went for a coffee in the sun, and I rolled my pants up high and rushed to sea. There were already so many people on the beach, enjoying the sun and sea. I though to myself…well, I’m pretty lucky actually! Yeah, sure I could use a bit more money but what the hell!, obviously it ain’t working like that at the moment, so why not use my time the best I can!

IMG_0340I love changes ..there is always something good, and usually better, after one thing finishes. That’s the exciting part, and the part that I like about changes. I’m always wondering what is there waiting for me behind the corner, what’s going to happen next! And this attentiveness, constant changing keeps me awake. It puts the spark in my eyes, I feel like I’m growing and developing, it makes me happy, it reminds me that there are so many great people in this world, people I want to meet and places I want to go…for all this I can’t wait to start doing something new. In the meantime, I ‘m gonna enjoy the time off, …and I’m looking forward to new adventures.

I wave goodbye to routine..never liked her too much.


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