Another yummy post – Vienna

After leaving Prague, we sat on a train to Vienna. Since we stayed there just for a night we had just two things that we really wanted to do, one being –  trying Wiener Schitzel and the other going to Hotel Sacher and tasting real Sacher cake made by an original recipe.

IMG_0118We arrived around 15h to Vienna and it took us some time to locate our hostel, which was pretty great. We stayed at Happy Hostel, very near to Meidling station and around 40 minutes distance from the city centre.

The staff there was great, as well as the parrot that gave us a welcome screech. Very home like atmosphere! 🙂 It’s all about the parrot!

But back to food. Our friends had told us that we must go to the bar called ‘1516’, which is located just in the centre and it is very near the Sacher Hotel.

When we arrived to the place it was packed. The ground floor is more pub-like and the upper floor is a restaurant, so you get two in one, after having a delicious meal (and trying their home-made beer) you can rush down to the ground floor and shake of that delicious schnitzel by showing a few dancing moves!


We didn’t do the last one, we just indulged in Wiener Schnitzel. You get two large pieces actually, and they are served with a big portion of French fries.

Don’t have the pic unfortunately, so just go and try it! 🙂

But, I did take couple of pics of famous Sacher cake. The cake itself isn’t that special, and I’m sure there are so many pastry shops that make a better Sacher cake. So what is so special about the Hotel Sacher’s Sacher cake. Well, that’s where the first Sacher cake was made, and they say that they hold the original recipe. But it’s just the whole atmosphere and the very stylish customer approach that is worth the money. I loved it and although this wasn’t the best Sacher cake that I’ve tried, I definitely think those 5E per piece were just worth a price!

Famous Sacher….



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