Travelling. To Prague.

travelling time. the best time. the best way to spend the time.


We sat on a train leaving Zagreb at 07.30. It was early morning, but sunny one in Zagreb. Went to the shop and bought last things that we needed for the long journey that we were about to set on.

I love trains! Never repent when I travel by trains. Never come back home without so many stories that need to be told. First we sat in a compartment, large one with other passengers. It took only half an hour to cross the first border, one leading to Slovenia. The first stop was Vienna. There we had to change trains. We put our feet on the Austrian ground and approached the table with the schedule, sat on a nearby bench and started the gourmet part of the trip. It was just the plain sandwiches that had broken the ice…but wait!..there are still lots of delicious things to come!

IMG_0006A train for Prague arrived in half an hour. We shared the compartment with students from Washington. Didn’t share lots of stories though. They were all preoccupied with the midterm exams and walking the uni. Luckily, I’m done with that part of my life. Uni, thank you for all the things but would not even think for a sec to go back to that period of life: studying, learning useless things, sitting exams! It was fun while it lasted. Now back to train stories.

The train had a restaurant – we went there and ordered a beer. It was pretty cheap, taking into consideration that trains are always a bit pricier. The waiter was funny – he kept approaching our table, saying nothing. He would just peek over our shoulders, probably to check if we had drunk our beers. Strange thing was that he was doing this every three minutes. Later on we discovered that Czechs drink beer fast, they down it in three sips – well, at least that’s how our host drank it.

The journey was pleasent. What expected us in Prague wasn’t that pleasent. We stepped outside of the train (it arrived around 19 the same day) and I could feel the winter pushing its way through my warm winter jacket. Luckily I brought winter clothes. The spring has began long time ago in Split, and I said farewell to winter clothes. It’s a ritual I enjoy – packing warm stuff and unpacking lighter clothes.

The temperature was below 0 and some cold wind was blowing, which made it even worse. We rushed immediately into inner part of the station and agreed to meet out hosts by the Burger King.

That night we tasted original Czech goulash, made by our host. Next we went to a pub, i.e. pivnica or brewery place. The beer in Prague is really cheap. You can get half a litre for 1E, and I mean really good beer.

So, it was that first night that the real gourmet part of the jouney began. Sandwich from the train station was just an intro, first course. 🙂

Czech cousine is mainly meat based. Before this trip to Prague, I heard stories that Czech cousine is really not that special. But I really enjoyed it. I tried meat with dumplings, served with cranberry souce and a pint of larger (Krusovice – one my favourite beer).

It was only when two of us wandered alone through Prague streest that we managed to stumble upon more touristic places, wehre of course the food wasn’t that good, and where they charged us bread, and service also. I didn’t leave the tip!



If you go to the right place, you can taste real Czech food for a very little money. Before main dish, I had a soup, but what they call soup in Prag would be a whole meal for me in Croatia. It was soup with tripe and vegetables, served with home-made bread. Yes, it was very delicious! Czech food is tasty and delicious, if you go to the right place. The name of the place were we ate is Konirna. Lovely place, great food, cheap!

Some more pics of Prague! (cold Prague but despite this breathtaking)IMG_9848



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