Women’s day

Good morning to all of you!

I got up this morning with lots of things on my mind..(does it happen to you too?). I sometimes get into the zone of ‘over-thinking’. I do not like it, I even try to fight it, but the more I fight it, the more it seems harder to let it go and walk away peacefully. I opened my eyes around 7.30h…and there was an instant smile on my face. I love the mornings, love the idea of breakfast and morning coffee, reading mails, writing..



This morning was nothing different..but there were just ideas about work and things that need to be done, and they started to spoil what seemed like a perfect beginning of the day. I tried to get rid of the thoughts, and this 24/7 running  ‘thinking process’ in my head. It didn’t work. The more I tried the more it seemed to intensify, so I just swapped thoughts – I was still thinking, but instead of just lying in bed, I got up, made my morning coffee and decided to shake of these serious-work-oriented thoughts with more fun and relaxed thoughts to be around..like ‘I could write a post’, and ‘I could explore a bit more how to get from Zagreb to Prague in the most inexpensive and fun way’..and ‘I could write a post to all of lovely women out there, and all the great women I have met so far, saying it was great to meet you all and have great Women’s day!!!’



This day was very important in ex-Yugoslavia, and it still has a certain amount of importance. So, I’m going back to my thinking process of how to spend this morning and this day all together, and I wish to you all a Happy Women’s day!


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