a line or two on my whereabouts…

Hi my dear friends, long time no see! 🙂

I have been really busy lately, and haven’t been travelling at all…and that really is disturbing. Hope that soon I’m going to spread my wings and go somewhere, anywhere..if only for couple of days. I desperately yearn, long for new cultures, new people, different thinking.

Good news is, that although I have stayed put for the last six months or so, I have learned new things and I did meet interesting people. Actually lots of things have changed in my life.

I have embraced the role of the student again. I promised myself after having graduation from uni, that I will not participate in any sort of formal education for some time, only non-formal and more relaxed sort of educational courses..and I did stick to my promise…I enrolled into a Sign language class – something I wanted to do for quite a while…and hold your breath………I have passed my first exam (still 5 to go) with an A!

I can’t explain and describe the amount of turbulence, shaking, thrill, …I didn’t sit an exam for a while, and I found myself again in a role where I was an examinee, I had to prove what I have learned.

It was exciting, and it felt great to study again and to sit an exam again..and to get a passing mark! 😉

Then, there were some downsides..I failed a test for a dream job, more likey a possibility to live in dream country, to be part of a more diverse and multicultural society. But then again, you win some and you lose some. I felt like my dreams were falling into pieces, but that feeling lingered for a day or two. Soon it had passed…long time ago I heard a saying that happiness is about cherishing the things that you have, and not thinking about the things that you don’t have.

Once again it proved right that living and cherishing the moment is the most difficult thing to do, but it’s the only way to enjoy life. And I have enjoyed it lately…



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