Looking back on the things I’ve learnt in 2012

Yesterday I was sitting in my room, facing the laptop and I was going through all of the pics from 2012 on my laptop. Every year I choose the pics I want to develop and I make the album of the recollections for that year.

This was a pretty eventful year. There were lots of ups and downs, lots of ‘what to do with myself?’ ‘moments. I call this year ‘a growing up time’–although I grew up long time ago in matters of age! I guess I was pretty aware of the things I was experiencing, and that made me learn more about myself and about the things I want to do.

These are things that I have learned, or at least I became aware of, in terms of both liking and disliking, so hopefully I will learn how to deal with some of the dislikes in the time to come:


I try to accept things, moments and situations in life that I couldn’t change…this is a wide topic, so here are some:

slow administrative process, spending hours and days, and even months sometimes to arrange a paper work, to open a firm (I deeply, strongly, sincerely despise paper work…everybody does I guess..)


Again I go back to the paper work and pen pushers mentioned previously. Some people are angry, just because they are angry; maybe they enjoy it, maybe they can’t stand seeing a happy face, maybe they are born with an angry face or just never learnt how to smile..whatever THEIR problem is..I tried to always concentrate on what I am there for, and the answers I need to get from the ‘administrative force’..sometimes they would get on my nerves with the rude manner, sometimes they wouldn’t. Anyhow, I’m aware of it and I’m working on it!


I am very, very, harsh on myself…both in business life and in personal life. I over-analyze sometime. DON’T DO THIS! Well, I learnt that nothing good comes out of it! I just make myself feel worse and can’t make anything productive. So, I try to do what I can if I make a mistake.. I try not repeat that mistake, I try to verbalize more… and that’s about it.

Sounds pretty easy, but we all know it’s not. I decided to be more mellow and gentle  with myself. …(is this my first New Year resolution??:))

And, yup!…..I appreciate my own work more. I realized that there are people who do much worse, but they don’t see the things that badly as I do..going back to the previous point – they are just less strict with themselves. Generally speaking – that’s good!

So I have decided to leave my perfectionism behind (can’t get rid of it completely though), but I’m trying to adopt a more mellow and less harsh approach towards myself!:) (definitely a New Year resolution)

what else, what else….


Travelling is good for me. It feels like I went through some of the best rejuvenation programmes. Nothing else to add here…it makes me feel good.


I’ve learnt that it is very important to say what is on my mind, but, but…I have also learnt  that I can’t change the way somebody thinks or lives their lives. I can just say what I think or what bothers me or what hurt me, but I can’t expect others to see it as I see it.

People are just people, and we all make mistakes. (This is going back to the perfectionist in me..I learnt this year that this little dwarf-seeking-perfection in me is actually pretty big.)

SEEK POSITIVITY and LAUGH TO ..well, basically almost everything

It’s always easier to cope with things and challenging life situations when I’m less serious and more easy-going. It works for me. When I don’t know what to do, what decision to make, how to act, what to respond..I try to postpone decision-making for some other time. I think things through, meditate, dance, run or walk..and the solution comes to my mind. I instinctively know what is the right thing to do, i.e. when I have my instincts with me. There were periods in my 28-year long life, when my instinct would leave me. I think it’s the worst thing that can happen to a woman. But, that’s another story.

Anyhow, beer and chatting, another beer and more chatting, another one and chatting , laughing, chatting..it really works for me. Being in a good and right company for me – IS really important.


Always, always learn new things. It’s very important to have goals in life. They don’t have to be huge and life-changing decisions. It’s important to have them…size, in this case, doesn’t matter!  🙂

So, this year I’ve taken Sign language course; it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I really enjoy it, and I’m about to finish my first semester. After graduating from the uni I have whispered to myself that I’ll never ever start another formal education….and I still stick to this, no more universities, degrees (for now)…but it’s time for a less formal courses.

Maybe after this, I will take up French classes. So…goals, planning, learning is pretty important!


Most politicians..to put it  nicely, are not really nice people at all. They steal, they go skiing while the country is falling apart and people are starving, they are corrupt but they just don’t see it as a corruption, but more likely as a lifestyle, they are followed by bodyguards when they go jogging..so not only do they spend state money while they are ‘working’ but also while off work…oooooh, it all makes me so angry.

But, I realized that this one..I can’t influence. They will still make me mad, pissed off, angry..this is my reality and I can’t completely shut down and ignore the reality!

So, I do make comments on that, I do lose my head in heated debates..and I try to do what I can..speak against corruption, live my life in a way I consider correct, volunteer and help others. That’s about it! And yup…turn off the TV, radio; close the newspapers..when I feel I’m about to explode!

That’s about it! I’m sure there is plenty more that I have learnt, but I guess these are some basic guidelines,..so what about you? A penny for your thought! 🙂


One thought on “Looking back on the things I’ve learnt in 2012

  1. I don’t know why I stopped receiving mails when you post something new, so I’m sorry these comments are late 🙂 Looking back at past years does help us learn a lot about ourselves and the people around us. Welcome to adulthood 😦

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