Story about a change, and one herpes that is a real drag

What a day! What an eventful weekday this turned out to be! So many things happening…as if when something gets going, everything gets going. It’s a row of events that just can’t stop, they just proceed one after another.

I have this theory on electrical equipment – when one thing gets broken in the house or it’s just old and not functioning any more; at least 2 other things from the household will stop working. It’s written in the stars. Probably the stars love to order things in line. The proverb ‘everything happens for a reason’ has another one to compete with – ‘everything happens in twos, threes, fours..’.

Why am I writing all of this?

Well, one truth about my life is – I know that I’m going through changes and I’m experiencing stressful part of life or just period of adjustment to something new, when a herpes appears on top of my nose or just takes over and totally conquers my lips (lower and upper lip). This is the third time in a month that it’s lordship ‘the herpes’ has paid a visit to my little old nose and lips.

I wouldn’t worry usually, but the thing that troubles me is that I am starting my new job, starting tomorrow. I have to face classroom full of hormone – filled teenagers with potato-looking herpes on my nose.

So, now I’m coming back to where I started – everything happens in two or three in life, to put it simple – in a row.

I’m starting my new job, I quit my old job, I get offers from other companies…and I’m thinking ‘is this how the planet works?’.

Every time the wheel gets turning and the things get going my way, suddenly there is a sudden rush of so many, to many even!, things and activities that I would like to take up, jobs that I would love to engage into.

I guess, I have to learn how to organize myself better and how to prioritise things.

Maybe stars are on my side after all, just need to think it through, try to remain calm, decide what I want to do in life and just make a decision and stick to it.

And try to avoid herpes by stop thinking too much and blaming stars for giving me to many options at the same time.

what I really want to say is…..’damn herpes!’

I decided to shake herpes of my mind and my potato-looking nose; I ordered the world to stop for half an hour, and clear my mind while sipping macchiato and gazing at the sun. I managed to postpone thinking about the serious side of life for a while! Mission accomplished!


4 thoughts on “Story about a change, and one herpes that is a real drag

    • love the quote! good one 🙂
      I’m starting to teach in a high school..just finished teaching in one village school, max number of kids was 12. they were so sweet Loulou. Today I’m heading back to the ‘jungle’, 25 + classes. bit nervous……..
      and have herpes on a nose to give a hand 🙂
      haven’t written a mail to you for a while, expect one soooon 🙂

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