Riding the bike in the city, minding the rail tracks… :)

Diversity! Different smells in the air! Riding a bike through busy city streets. Paying attention to the gaps of the railway tracks so the tire of my bike wouldn’t get stuck inside and pull me down. I was always a bit clumsy when it comes to riding a bike on the busy city streets – to many things to watch out for..there are trams, there are railway gaps on the ground, there are passers-by popping out from every corner, cars pushing their way through..disregarding the passengers and cyclists that they meet on the way.

I didn’t fall..that was a plus, although I was on a good way to fall down.

It was a perfect Sunday morning. I sat on the bike with two of my friends and we headed towards the Sunday flea market. It’s not a classical flea market where you can buy many things for a little money. This one takes place in a more classy part of town and therefore the flea market itself has more stylish flair to it.

I didn’t buy anything. As two of my friends were looking around and checking the items that were lying on the market stalls, I took my camera and just walked around the market, trying to capture the atmosphere with the camera, and just to enjoy the bustle of the market.

I love the rain, and I adore autumn. There’s something very creative to this season. As I come from the Mediterranean part of the country, I yearn for rain and foggy mornings from time to time. They bring up creativity and inspiration in me.

After taking couple of pics, and walking around the market, circling it each time – each circle taken was different – and noticing people, what they were wearing, some came empty-handed to the market but left carrying chairs, lamps, books…each of the item had a special significance to a new owner.

I got one of Harry Potter books from a friend. The morning was already perfect as it was, but with the Harry Potter book in my rucksack it was even better.

We sat in a nearby cafe, ate warm and tasty burek with cheese, and sipped coffee.

It was time to head back home and for me to pile up all of my clothes and things and to squeeze them in the backpack. Time to go home, heading south…what a great weekend it was!


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