greetings to autumn

It’s time to say ‘goodbye summer’ and for real this time. Its time is ticking away, counting the last days and hours.
Goodbye to colourful dresses, goodbye to warm smiles of sun, goodbye to long walks by the seaside, drinking wine with the whisper of the waves by your side..
It’s been a really long one, the longest I remember. There are still tourists ‘cruising’ around, getting lost in the small, cobbled streets, capturing bits of the remaining warm heaven, last swimmers are taking final jumps in the sea…there are more and more observers and coffee drinkers that admire the sea from the distance and every day less and less of those who bravely jump into the sea without hesitating..
I think I said my goodbyes to the sea last Saturday and now I have joined those who sit patiently for hours in the bar, take slow sips of their morning coffee and enjoy what is called autumn.
I’m looking forward to its colours (to the warm and heavy coats not that much), leaves falling of the trees, warm and tiny corners of the pubs squeezed in the small central streets of the city…
Apart from spring..this is my favourite season of the year, and it is only beginning now in Split-looking forward to it!
Bye summer..hello autumn


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