Goodbye summer..’till we see eachother again

it seemed like it’s gonna be a long summer, a never-ending one..but it went by so fast, too fast, but it was so much fun. I had just about enough money to enjoy myself and to treat myself with some extra delights..I had great company to travel with – this was my first summer to pass most of the time in the car and to use the car as the main mean of transport and I really enjoyed this! This whole year, so far, I basically focused on travelling either via bus, car, mini van or train… So far, I would say that my famous way of travelling is definitely by a ferry or  train – both give you the opportunity to stretch your legs, to go to a bar and have a, definitely, these two are winners.

I learned one thing and that would be how to keep your spirits up, ..I’m reading at the moment a book called Death and the Dervish, written by a famous Bosnian/Yugoslav writer Meša Selimović. There is one part that says that ..a man should always keep on traveling-even if this travelling includes always returning to the same place, just to have this idea and the beauty of being able to change things, to change landscapes and be ready to give up old habits, job, and a so-called a path that leads to development, it is a process of growing up.

This summer, I didn’t go anywhere outside of Croatian borders but I had some lovely people with whom I travelled, and I have to say – it was one great summer. I will definitely remember it!

I returned always to the same place, and although I felt exhausted and totally drained after 2 or 3 days on the road, mentally I felt so full of energy. There is some beauty and sense of freedom that comes with travelling, even to the places that are not far away..

summer is over, it was a great one! but now I’m looking forward to the autumn and the beauties it has to offer.


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