The day that will bring changes

I’ve been a bit of a lazy blogger lately. I concentrated lots on finding the work, this is the best time to throw your hook into the very scant job pond and try to catch something that might stick to it.
I was basically jobless for 9 months, been doing something on and off, but that was about it. Then I came up with this idea that I might as well start self employing my self!;) I  opened my own small business, put the add on internet, made my own site (thanks to the skills i gained by blogging that starting up your own site-blog wasn’t that difficult), so all in all these were exciting 9 months. I did struggle, but I did survive – going from  the state of happiness and calmness into the state of total impatience and there was a voice coming out of me, screaming ‘when the hell are things going to change?’. It is very difficult to keep your stamina when you see that the new day doesn’t bring anything new with it, always the same boring politicians on the telly with their same old boring promises, their rude attitude – one Croatian politician actually even complained on the public TV that he put extra few kilos on (and this was after he came back from a long and, obviously, fulfilling summer holiday..and he said that it was because he worries too much during the working hours and after the working hours he over indulges in food because he thinks to much of the job..???; a big question/exclamation mark appeared above my head and i started thinking whether this guy ever actually walked down the city streets and did he notice the growing number of people who make their living by going through the trash and collecting plastic bottles –
in these nine months I noticed that I was becoming very impatient not only because of the job market, but i couldn’t stand listening to the politicians who don’t have the slightest idea of what the life of the real people actually looks like, so each time I would hear or see a politicians that was very eager to give his long talk of wisdom, I would just switch off the telly or radio or whatever media this politician would appear on.
Anyhow, now I got a part-time job that might last more than just a few months and I still have time to do my own thing, to run my own business. (and this makes me really happy).
So, I was thinking..things aren’t that bad and these nine months thought me a lot – how to enjoy with what little i had and what’s most important how to use it in a good way; what to do when the impatience and nervousness get hold of my thoughts and body (would go for a beer with a good friend to laugh about the things that bother us, or a walk or just listen to the music), I read lots of books because I had lots of time, I had plenty of time during the summer to enjoy the sun and the sea, I sat for so many interviews and unfortunately learnt it the tough way that unfortunately most positions are already taken despite the fact that this position was just recently published on the job bureau’s it was the growing up process.
Son now, beginning of September I did manage to pull out a job from the job pond and I did learn how to deal with politicians who get on my nerves – just change the channel – and I’ve learned that I can not change all the small and big irregularities that piss me off, but I can change the way they affect me. Now I understand better the saying If you change yourself you will change your world.
have a great day! ir

2 thoughts on “The day that will bring changes

  1. You are right, politicians are a bunch of ‘venditori di fumo!’ I love this Italian expression 🙂 Good luck with everything. And I’m still waiting for that visit to Montreal 😉

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