Pelješac peninsula, Croatia

So another beautiful and exciting trip down the Croatian coast was achieved this summer. I’m not doing lots of out of Croatian boundaries journeys but this summer I’m very dedicated into getting to know my own country….:)
I went on a two-day road trip with my friends to the peninsula of Pelješac. One interesting figure about this trip is that you need to leave Croatia, to re-enter it again and finally to set foot on Pelješac peninsula.  So I can say that I have actually done a visit to another country…we made a short visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina and where back in Croatia in 15 minutes.
Little info on Pelješac…so you can reach it two ways, one being by ferry, in which case you don’t leave Croatian soil (no need for passport or ID check) and the other being by car (in which case you need to go through Bosnia and Herzegovina and have your ID or passport on you. We decided to take  a car, and just enjoy the slow ride down the Croatian coast. Beautiful!
Pelješac is famous for its grape fields and wine production. So it’s a great place for wine lovers but not only for them, apparently lots of campers choose this place as their favourite holiday resort. We visited some of Pelješac towns, first one was Ston..has great restaurants, Trpanj followed and spending the night in sleeping bags on the beach Divna. Next morning we went to Orebić for the first morning coffee and Viganj followed after, paradise for surfers and campers, one can really feel the atmosphere of easygoingness  in the air

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…we bought pate and two loaves of bread for the sake of good old time (that is what we remember eating when we went with our parents to beach for an entire was always pate, warm bread and tomatoes sliced into wedges).
Next stop was Lovište..and are last stop.
I will definitely come back, and hopefully one day with my own caravan. I can see myself travelling around Europe by car and an old, retro-style caravan attached to it. 🙂
some pics of Pelješac…:)

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