Island of Šolta, Croatia

It is summer after all and it is a perfect time to do the island-hopping in Croatia. One island that definitely isn’t the most popular one nor the one where you will have a crazy night out, but hold on just one second!..if you are looking for a perfect relaxing resort, far away from the crowded places, where you can enjoy the sea and the sun and the light sea breeze, observe the beauty in front of you and just keep still, take one position and don’t leave it for another hour or is a perfect place to clear your mind and just let yourself go…all you need to do is just find your place in the shadow and take the role of the gazer for that day, sea gazer, sun gazer, wave gazer..
It is a paradise, and I could even put in my list of ‘my three most favourite Croatian islands’. It is the island of Šolta. I travelled to all of its hidden little towns…Donje Selo, Gornje Selo, Maslinica, Nečujam etc…but the place I always go back to is Rogač.
The reason is very simple – it is easily reachable!
Šolta is the closest island to Split and all you have to do to reach it is just hop on the ferry and 50 minutes later you will be there, surrounded by the beautiful sea, wild, pristine Mediterranean beauty, no beaches that are specially arranged for swimmers (maybe one only), everything is just plain grey rock, massive stones, typical Mediterranean flora, one bar that has great pizza (they have great beer too, so that is a big plus!;)), but the biggest plus definitely is that this bar-pizzeria ‘Pasarela’ is situated just next to the sea. It is literally by the sea, you can take your pizza and put your feet in the water and enjoy salty, juicy pizza margarita while the small fish bite your feet.
It is a paradise! here are the pics…

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