Ode to Panama Hat

Did you know that it can take from two to up to 4 months to make an original Panama hat!!
This is my new fashion delight! I noticed one Panama hat on the older guy that hangs in the same pub as I do. He always has his hat on, never leaves the house without it. One day I saw him without a hat…and I asked him where the hat was. He wasn’t the same person without it on. It’s more than just a simple accessories, it’s a statement, it tells a lot about the man.
well, at least about this old guy..it gives a statement about his character and his lifestyle.
For me it’s still more of an accessories then anything larger than that. But I grew very found of it in a very short period of time.
I can’t wait to leave the house and go for a walk, just to take Panama out for a walk!
Now I dream of buying a real, original Panama..one that can fit in your suitcases, that can be folded and squashed and folded again and be squeezed with other items for entire day and still be pretty looking once you pull it out and place it on your head.
Mine is the cheaper version of Panama and doesn’t have these special powers. It would probably be ruined if I try to squash it and reshape it…have to be very gentle with it. But one day, I’ll have a true, original, unique sample of Panama hat that can be folded and pushed and squeezed into a backpack even.
For the time being, …it is just an accessories…. 🙂


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