Paradise – town of Bol, Brač

visit to a paradise.. These two days I spent with a friend on the island of  Brač, in the small town of  Bol. Unique island for its beach Golden horn…called that way for the shape of its horn that changes its form depending on the current, two currents meet at the peak of the horn and therefore shape it, and change form of it could be called a ‘dancing horn’ too…:)
Love this Croatian island, one of my favourite. It has a great lounge bar, right in the middle of the pine forest, hidden in a deep shadow, where you can enjoy sunshine from a secure distance, but still feel the sea breeze.
here are some pics 🙂
Bolero lounge bar….chocolate cake, coffee, Nouvelle Vague
surf paradise and our dorm for the night..sleeping among surf boards…in a sleeping bag…heavenly invention …sleeping bag, like a portable bed…:)
paradise for surfers too…place to go, if you want to enjoy surfing…Zoo Station, Bol


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