summer time Split

Summer time has begun…it’s time for picign (local game played only in Split…and at this time of year world championship in picigin is held in Split). We place great importance on this game…lots of fun and great time is guranteed!:)
Beach time, coffee drinking next to the beach, freedom and free-floating ….no cafes..just a coffee to go..and enjoying the walks by the seaside, observing passers-by, cute guys as they play picigin and throw themselves in the sea, as they make a splash with their bodies when they hit the sea surface. I always try to be in Split at this time of is an amazing time!
summer pics….Split

Have a sunny day!
…I love the line from the song ‘Weather with you’…everywhere you go always take the weather with you.
Don’t know what the singer exactly meant with these lines…but I have my own interpretation..whenever I travel and live in a landlocked country or at the place where gloomy and hazy overshadow sunny weather and clear blue sky, I keep this line on my mind and play this song to bring back to my thoughts sunny Dalmatian weather.

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